Current Rates:

1 hr. massage $75.00
30 minute 'Short Session' massage or
Children under the age of 18 (60 minute session) $40.00
60 minute Theraputic Massage for Seniors $65.00
90 minute Deep Tissue Massage $100.00
120 (2hours) minute Massage session $125.00
(Please call or email to make any 90 minute or
120 minute massage appointments.)

                We do not offer 'Couples Massage'
          Gift Certificates and Packages available

~ Myofacial
~ Deep Tissue
~ Scar Tissue Release Therapy
~ Pregnancy Massage
~ IBS/Abdominal Massage
~ Sinus Relief Therapy
~ Osteo-Arthritis Pain Massage
~Tendonitis (Tennis/Golf elbow)
Massage for pain relief.
It's not a luxury, it's a
If you are unable to keep the appointment you have reserved, please call with more than 24 hours notice to avoid being charged at 774-270-0560.
Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full rate.
Note: Please call by phone to cancel. Do not email for late cancellations.
I appreciate your courtesy.